Brainchild Festival

There are thankfully still authentic treasures left hiding right under our noses, waiting to be discovered. Luckily for us, these treasures hide as close to home as East Sussex. Last year it was Meadows In The Mountains. This year, I discovered a new favourite indie festival … Brainchild Festival.

Love Supreme

Love Supreme is the UK’s first outdoor jazz festival. What struck me most was the spectacular age range of attendees the event drew in. I guess I’m not entirely sure where the recent surge of interest in jazz has come from, but I sure do love the fact that the genre has managed to reinvent itself for a younger demographic.

London In Winter

London is a tourist hotspot and for most Londoners, venturing into the epicentre of our city on the verge of a weekend sounds like a nightmare. But what if you took a little bit of time to be the tourist for once? London has magic dotted all over the city in both big and small doses.

Meadows In The Mountains

Magic is still found aplenty in the outskirts. Far outside of London and the UK, true music discoverers are venturing out to conquer authentic and unspoiled boutique festivals for themselves; that’s the key rule here – venturing afar to find something sacred to the individual. Cue Meadows In The Mountains.